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Our Advertising Rates, Terms & Policies

Rates & Easy Online Ad Purchase Process:
Ad Types/ Prices Available:

  • Linked Logo or Image Ad – $10.00 per month (Minimum Purchase: 6 months Pre-Paid); or $100.00 for 12 months (Pre-Paid) – approximately 300px X 300px (other sizes & prices available)
    Place your Logo linked to your website, or any suitable image Ad (no larger than approximately 300px X 300px) on our Resources: Ads/ Listings page for 12 months for only $100.00. Larger or smaller size linked Logos or Image Ads can be arranged. Contact Us for more information on pricing of other sizes available for this type of Ad.
  • Full Post Ad – $20.00 per month (Minimum Purchase: 6 months Pre-Paid); or $200.00 for 12 months (Pre-Paid)
    Place a full page Ad, with its own URL (web address), so that you can link directly to it, and it may be picked up in Google or other search engines, linking directly to your page. Your Full Post Ad is linked with an excerpt on our Resources: Ads/ Listings page. You can include up to two photos, and two links, along with up to about 750 words of text.

See Ads/ Listings Page on this website

Online Placement & Payment Process:

  1. All Ad purchases can be handled easily online. To submit an Ad for consideration, simply fill out the Online Ad Submission Form above. Acceptance of our Advertising Terms & Conditions is required as part of the simple online Ad submission process.
  2. We accept an image or post-ready art in JPG or PNG format, which can be submitted online with the Ad Submission Form. JPG and PNG files for Linked Logo or Image Ads should be sized to the size of the Ad you are purchasing, or Ad design fees may apply. Full Post text Ads can be proposed in a Word document uploaded via the Upload button in your Online Ad Submission Form.
  3. When you click “Send” and submit your Online Ad Submission Form, you will immediately receive e-mail confirmation of what you submitted. Once your Ad is accepted and approved, we will notify and invoice you by e-mail. Payment can be made online by PayPal or by Credit Card (via PayPal), using a payment link we will provide you in the invoice.
  4. All Ads must be pre-paid in full, before they can be placed on our website.

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  • We accept Ads only from companies or individuals providing products or services that, in the judgment of our Officers, would be of interest to our members or visitors, or anyone involved or interested in the art of dance or the dance industry generally.

  • We necessarily reserve the right to accept or reject Ads in our discretion, without providing a reason. Ads placed may be labeled “Advertisement.”

  • Different Ad types and placement options are available, as described above. E-mail for more information on pricing and options available.

  • Limited Time Reduced Introductory Advertising Rates: For a limited time, we are offering the reduced introductory advertising rates stated above. All Ad purchases are quoted at flat monthly rates. Minimum purchase: 6 Months Pre-Paid. Payment in Advance, by Credit Card or PayPal (via the online payment link that we will provide in the invoice we send you upon approval of your Ad). For more information, Contact us at:
    Introductory Rates Offer good only for purchases made while this offer is posted here and effective. Offer may end at any time, in our discretion.

  • Additional Terms apply: All advertising is subject to our Advertising Terms & Conditions (including all content on this page). We reserve the right to remove any Ad at any time, without providing a reason, and in that case we would refund the prorated portion of the fee received that corresponds to time periods after removal.

  • Disclaimers; Restrictions: The National Dance Teachers Association of America (NDTA) does not endorse or recommend any product, service, business or organization advertised on this website. We have not verified or approved and do not vouch for the truth, accuracy, completeness, or legal or regulatory compliance of any Ad posted on the site or the information or assertions contained therein, and we assume no responsibility to do so. We specifically disclaim all responsibility and all liability of any kind with respect to or arising out of any Ad posted on this website or the product, service, business, or organization advertised therein. No advertiser shall make any statements or refer to its advertising on this website in any way that states or implies endorsement or approval of its Ad, product, service, business or organization by NDTA, or any affiliation of any kind with, NDTA or its officers, directors or members, except that members in good standing of NDTA may make reference to their membership in NDTA in their Ad, if they wish.

  • If you have properly submitted a post-ready copy of your Ad via the Online Ad Submission Form above, and we have reviewed and approved your Ad and e-mailed you our invoice, in most cases your Ad can be placed within three business days after we receive your advance payment in full via Credit Card or PayPal, using the convenient online payment link that will be contained in your invoice.

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