Supporter Membership Application

Supporter Membership: Everyone interested in supporting the art of dance or promoting excellence in dance is welcome to join as a Supporter Member, via the Application and Dues Payment below. We appreciate your support of NDTA and the art and pursuit of excellence in dance. Supporter Members are entitled to all of the Benefits of Membership enjoyed by Professional Members, other than participation in our official Examinations & Professional Certification Process.

If you are a Professional Dance Teacher, you are welcome to join as a Professional Member, by completing the Professional Membership Application and meeting the requirements for Professional Membership. Professional Membership is required to pursue Certification from NDTA.

To Join as a Supporter Member, Simply:

Supporter Membership Application:

All fields marked with * are required to submit the form.

Your Full Legal Name *

Applying for Individual or Couple Membership? *
 Individual Membership - $40.00/ year dues Membership as a Couple - $60.00/ year dues

Name of Spouse/ Partner (required if applying for Couple membership)

Your Email *

Telephones *
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Note: If you do not have one of the above types of phones, fill in "000-000-0000" in that blank.

Street Address *

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Website Address(es) (if applicable)


The following items are Optional for Supporter Members.   If you choose not to complete any or all of these items, just skip to the purple "Send" Button below.   In that case, we will list only your name in our Members Directory (visible to members only).

Studio or Business Name/ Profession, any Certifications/ Degrees, Memberships, Bio Info (all optional)

Attach resume or additional documents or Certificates, if you wish (optional):

Attach your picture (approximately 225 px X 225 px) for inclusion in our online Members Directory (optional):

What Information Would You Like Listed in our Members Directory? Please check the boxes below beside each of the items of information you submitted above that you would like included in our Members Directory (visible to all members).
 Your E-mail Address Your Website Address(es) Your Business Telephone Your Studio or Business Name Your Street Address Your Professional Certifications or Degrees Your Biographical Information Memberships Your Picture
Note: You will have an opportunity to update your Directory Listing at any time, after you become a Member.


All Applicants:

Representation & Oath* I hereby swear and affirm that the statements made in this application and in the documents attached are true and correct. I am willing to take, and I hereby take, the following NDTA Pledge: I pledge myself to uphold the constitution of the National Dance Teachers Association of America, to foster and maintain a spirit of good will toward fellow members, and to conduct my business in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the Association.

To Submit Your Membership Application:

Step 1:   Go Back & Make Sure You Completed Every Blank and Checkbox marked* (required). Your Form will not Submit if you fail to complete any required field.

Step 2:   Click the Purple "SEND" button below. You should then see a message outlined in green on your screen below, saying, "Your Professional Membership Application Form was submitted successfully."

Step 3:   Then, to complete your Application, Click the appropriate Yellow "PAY NOW" button below (after entering your name), to Pay your first year's membership dues by Credit Card or PayPal.  

Thank you for submitting your Membership Application! You will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your submission.

Now please pay your first year’s dues below. Receipt of your first year’s dues is required in order to process your Membership Application.

2. Pay Your First Year’s Dues

Please use the applicable form below to pay your dues easily by PayPal or Credit Card right now. Be sure to fill in your full name(s) in the space provided before you click the appropriate “Pay Now” button below.

Individual Member – $40.00 per year

Please type your full name in the blank below, and then Click the “Pay Now” button.

Enter Your Full Name:

At the PayPal Screen, you can either:
» Log in to pay with your PayPal Account; or
» Scroll down and click the Gray Bar to
    “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”

Couple* – $60.00 per year

*A Couple Membership includes two dance partners, a married couple, or a couple in a committed long-term relationship.

Please type both of your full names in the blank below, and then Click the “Pay Now” button.

Enter Your Full Names:

At the PayPal Screen, you can either:
» Log in to pay with your PayPal Account; or
» Scroll down and click the Gray Bar to
    “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”


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