To apply for Membership in the National Dance Teachers Association of America (NDTA), just click on the button that applies to you below:



Professional Dance Teachers: Professional Dance Teachers are welcome to join the National Dance Teachers Association of America (NDTA) as Professional Members. Professional Membership is required to pursue Certification from NDTA. Professional Dance Teachers may submit documentation of any certification they hold from another NDCA recognized teacher’s organization, if any, as part of the process of applying for Professional Membership in NDTA. To apply for Professional Membership, click on the “Professional Dance Teachers” button above, complete the online Professional Membership Application, and pay your first year’s dues. Acceptance by the NDTA Board of Directors as a Professional Member requires satisfaction of the requirements for Professional Membership.

Supporters of Dance: Everyone interested in supporting the art of dance or promoting excellence in dance, whether a Dance Teacher or not, is welcome to join as a Supporter Member, simply by completing the Supporter Membership Application and paying their first year’s Dues. To join as a Supporter Member, click on the “Supporters of Dance” button above, to complete the simple Membership Application form and pay your first year’s dues.

Supporter Members are entitled to all of the Benefits of Membership enjoyed by Professional Members, other than participation in our official Examinations & Professional Certification Process. For more information, see Who Can Join, Membership Benefits, and How to Join.

Annual Dues in either category of Membership are $40.00 for an individual member or $60.00 for a couple (meaning two dance partners, a married couple, or a couple in a committed long-term relationship). We appreciate and need the dues support of all of our Pro Members and loyal Supporters.

Anyone who applies for Professional Membership, but does not meet the requirements for Professional Membership will be deemed a Supporter Member of NDTA during the period(s) for which dues were paid.