Olga Bogdanov - Cha Cha Workshop - January 26, 2020

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Cha Cha
presented by
Olga Bogdanov
One of the Most Famous and
Most Decorated Dancers in the world!

at the NDTA Meeting and Workshops held at Star Ballroom on Sunday, January 26, 2020.

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Olga Bogdanov - One of the Most Famous & Decorated Dancers in the World

Olga Bogdanov
One of the Most Famous and Decorated Dancers in the World

Olga Bogdanov is among the most famous and decorated dancers in America and in the World. From a bronze medal at the European Championships in 1996 to Russian Open medalists and World Representative in 1998 to Rising Star Champion at the Ohio Star Ball in 2001, Olga has been a premier dancer.

Born in Astrakhan, a Russian city on the Volga River, Olga has been dancing since 5 years of age. She started in competition in both Latin and Standard, but soon focused on the Smooth dances.

The city of Astrakhan sponsored Olga in trips to Moscow and England for lessons from top flight professionals. In 1996, Olga took Silver at the Russian Open Championships followed by a bronze at the Russian Nationals. In 1998, she placed third at the European Championships in the Standard Division.

Late in 1998, US Standard Champions Jonathon Wilkins and Katusha Demidova sponsored her immigration to the US.

Now residing in Florida, Olga has been an instructor at Goldcoast Ballroom since the year 2000. She teaches private lessons and provides coaching – to both couples and single individuals – in International Standard and American Smooth style ballroom dance, including all dances. She also teaches Latin and Rhythm dances.



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