Videos Posted!! - TWO WORKSHOPS BY HERB VAZQUEZ - Intermediate Rumba & Intermediate Waltz - NDTA Meeting February 25, 2018


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Videos Posted - Herb Vazquez Workshops - February 25, 2018

Videos are now posted on our website from the two Workshops presented at our Board & General Meeting of Members on Sunday, February 25, 2018 by HERB VAZQUEZ – Director, Secretary & Professional Member of NDTA, Award Winning Dancer & Teacher, Successful Entrepreneur, and Owner of Several Dancesport Competitions!!

The Workshops covered:

  • Rumba – Intermediate
    Fundamentals of Rumba Walks in Rhythm and Latin, and
  • Waltz – Intermediate
    Controlling Rise & Fall in Waltz through your feet & ankles.

Herb Vazquez, Directory, Secretary & Professional Member of NDTA, is a successful studio owner, Competition Organizer and a World Event Coordinator. He is a Certified Fellow in all five dancesport styles and has been awarded Top Teacher in America numerous times.

Herb is a recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Championship Dancing. He has partnered numerous United States Champions and has demonstrated and promoted American-Style dance at venues around the World.

Enjoy the Videos!!


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