Your Comments Requested on Proposed National Dance Council of America (NDCA) Rule Changes - for July 8, 2017 NDCA Meeting

Letter from Lee Fox, President of NDTA

Officers & Exec Board - Letterhead

June 27, 2017

Your Comments Requested on
Proposed Rule Changes for
National Dance Council of America

July 8, 2017 Meeting

To NDTA Members Only:

Please take a look at the proposals being presented by certain members or officers of the National Dance Council of America (NDCA) at the next NDCA meeting in Dallas in July, which are found in the document linked below:

Please CLICK HERE to Download and print out the proposed NDCA Rule Changes (PDF document).

We are not sending a delegate on behalf of NDTA this time but have chosen to assign a Proxy to one of DVIDA’s delegates to vote for us. I need to hear your thoughts and how you would rather we vote by July 6.

All underlined texts in this attached PDF document are proposed additions to the rule and all strike out texts are proposed to be deleted from the rule. Please also note that some of these rule changes have been made by the Ballroom Committee and placed in the rules by the Executive Committee without a vote by the voting organizations.

In particular I would like to hear comments about proposed changes I’ve highlighted in yellow in the attached document.

Please e-mail your comments to me by July 6 – to:

Lee Fox
President, NDTA



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