Letter from Lee Fox, President of NDTA - Election Results & Other News

Letter from Lee Fox, President of NDTA - January 5, 2015

Officers & Exec Board - Letterhead

12 December 2016

From the desk of the President:

Hard to believe that we’ve reach that time of the year again where we look back over the past year and look forward to the new year. I hope everybody had a good year and will have a more prosperous year in 2017.

Election Results

Congratulations to the newly elected officers for the next two year term. Elections were held last month and your new officers and board members are as follows:

President…Lee Fox
Vice President…Susan Silva
Secretary…Shawn Fisher
Treasurer…Millie Ledoux

Executive Board of Directors:
Lee Fox
Susan Silva
Shawn Fisher
Millie Ledoux

I am staying on as president and will be focusing my attention on improving the examinations process as a key to increasing membership.

Susan Silva will be taking on the duties of the vice president. Susan has her master degrees in all of the styles with NDTA as well as NADTA (North American Dancesport Teachers Association) and is licensed to judge in all the styles with NDCA. She is a former theatre arts competitor partnered with David Hamilton. She’ll be representing NDTA at the next NDCA meeting in January.

Mille Ledoux will be taking over the job of treasurer. She has been on the board of NDTA for several years and has served on the Fund Raiser Committee.

Shawn Fisher is our new secretary. He is currently on the staff of Brigham Young University and the Idaho Ballroom Academy. He is a life time member and a national examiner for DVIDA (Dance Vision International Dancers Association) as well as a member of the NDCA Education Committee.

Special thanks to our outgoing Officers. Many thanks to vice president, Lidia Duminego, who did an excellent job recruiting instructors for our workshops over the last two year; to our outgoing treasurer, Jody Dancer, who will be taking over ownership of Star Ballroom (the studio where NDTA hosts our seminars and workshops); and to our outgoing secretary, Karen Donaldson, who served excellently is this position for many years and is retiring after turning over Star Ballroom to Jody.

Other News

We recently updated our Constitution to add two new categories of membership to NDTA and reduce the number of members needed for the Board. The two new categories are 1) NDTA-Certified Professional Members – consisting of those Full Professional Members who are certified by NDTA examiners in various levels and styles of dancing, and 2) Youth Members – consisting of youths who are under 18 years of age, with discounted dues. This increases our membership categories to five with the others being Full Professional Members, Honorary Members, and Supporter Members. The new membership categories will soon appear in our online Members Directory.

We recently received the news that Mae Patterson, an honorary member and one of NDTA’s founding members passed away earlier this year and is now dancing again with her husband Pat in eternity.

The examinations department has redesigned the exam policies to conform with the new NDCA mandates for licensing adjudicators. All candidates for the professional exams (Associate, Master, & Fellow) must now dance as both leader and follower in the dancing portion of the exams. For the teacher certification exams, the candidate only needs to dance one role.

We are currently looking to expand our examinations department by adding more examiners to the department especially outside of the south Florida area. If you are interested in becoming an examiner for NDTA, please contact myself or Examinations Chairperson, Michael Neil, and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process of becoming an examiner.

Many thanks go out to the instructors of our workshops for 2016. Elisabeth Tarodi, Jean Claude Babiloni, and Steeve Jean Louis all did an excellent job in teaching the International style, the American style, and the Argentine Tango.

Look forward to our future workshops coming up in February, July, and October of 2017. Announcements of these meetings and the instructors will be forthcoming.

In closing I wish everybody a happy holiday season and a Happy New Year.

Lee Fox


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