Bolero (American Rhythm)

Bolero (American Rhythm)(Tempo 24-26 mpm)


1. Bolero Basic
2. Cross Body Lead
3. Open Break
4. Right Underarm Turn
5. Fifth Position Breaks
6. Outside Breaks
7. Cross Over Break and Switch Turn
8. Left Side Pass
9. Right Side Pass
10. Back Spot Turn


1. Passing Changes
2. Shadow Wraps
3. Left Side Pass with Lady’s Underarm Turn to Left
4. Outside Break to Aida
5. Crossover Break to Aida (option to figure 4)
6. Traveling Cross to Switch Turn
7. Lunge to Lady’s Free Turn to Right
8. Right Side Pass, Back Spot Turn to Rudolph Ronde
9. Back Spot Turn, Underarm Turns to Left and Right
10. Eros Line in Shadow Position to Double Contra Check


1. Oblique Line to Apart Ronde
2. Pivots to Eros Line and Knee Drop
3. Ronde to Lady’s Developpes
4. Open Point Break to Lady’s Pivots and Body Roll
5. Oversway to Same Foot Lunge and Body Drop