Letter from Lee Fox, President of NDTA

Letter from Lee Fox, President of NDTA - January 5, 2015

NDTA Letterhead - Officers

5 January 2015

From the desk of the President:

Greetings. I hope that everyone had a great holiday and are looking forward to a prosperous new year. 2015 will be a year of numerous changes.

Elections were held last month and your new officers and board members are as follows:
President…Lee Fox
Vice President…Lidia Dumenigo
Secretary…Karen Donaldson
Treasurer…Jody Dancer
Board of Directors…Jean-Claude Babiloni
Millie Ledoux
Michael Neil
Bill Tremblay

We are set to have three meetings/workshops for 2015. Please hold the dates of March 14, July 25, and October 24. All are on Saturdays with the meeting starting at 11:30 AM followed by two workshops at 1 PM and 2 PM by special guest instructors. This year we were honored to have Mandy Ball, Jim Hardesty, and Justin Penney host workshops in Cha Cha, Viennese Waltz, Rumba and Quickstep. Be sure to watch out for notices via email and/or regular mail a few weeks before each of the above dates.

We have a new website!!! Be sure to check it out. It features lots of information regarding membership, certifications and examinations, and a gallery for pictures and videos. In addition, you’ll be able to watch video clips of our workshops on our site. You’ll be able to check out our membership roster and make changes in your profile yourself. There is also a store in which NDTA members can order manuals, DVDs, and other assorted merchandise. You’ll also be able to renew your membership dues on-line. Finally, I will also be able to post NDCA rule change proposals for upcoming meetings so you may be able to let me know your thoughts on the matter and our examinations chairman will be able to post news about our members who have taken exams for certification.

Speaking of certifications and examinations, Michael Neil, our examinations chairman, is looking to help studios organize student medal exams. This is a good way to help your students set goals in their dancing. We offer student medal tests in various levels and dances as well as professional exams for adjudication and teacher certifications. Please check out the Examinations tab on the new web site.

We are a teaching society with membership with the National Dance Council of America. The NDCA regulates competitions held in the USA. I go to their meetings twice a year to represent us and to vote on various proposed rules on the agenda. There have been many changes made over the past year. Among these are:

  1. Invigilation rules have been further clarified to help reduce the amount of confusion pros have when competing in closed (syllabus) categories. Check out the Approved Figures, Elements and Restrictions link on their web site. (www.NDCA.org)
  2. All Rising Star pro competitors are being reminded to not advertise themselves as “champions” even if they win a Rising Star event. Championship status is limited only to Open Championship winners.
  3. Adjudicators may not post comments on interactive social media websites regarding any competitor’s performance or conduct until after the close of the entire event.
  4. Adjudicators are no longer allowed to judge at USA Dance National and Qualifying Regional events. Local chapter events are allowed.
  5. Showdance rules have been greatly changed. Check out new rules on NDCA website.
  6. An Adjudicators License Review Board has been formed. This means that all new registrations for adjudicators’ licenses with NDCA must present paperwork and examiner’s comments upon registering. The review board will make recommendations on final approval of the adjudicator’s license.
  7. In January, Brian McDonald was re-elected president and Thomas Murdock was elected to the position of 2nd vice president. Cassandra Schneider was elected temporary executive secretary to serve the remainder of Thomas Murdock’s term. Hunter Johnson was assigned to replace Jackie Rogers as Public Relations Director.
  8. Changes in the teaching society members’ votes that were made last year were reverted back to the previous status before the changes that were made. We have two votes on the council.

I thank you for your continued support and hope that you look forward to the new year with NDTA.

Lee Fox


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